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大多数订单由 UPS或GLS 发送,请提供他们可以运送到的地址,配送人员一般是把包裹放您家门口或者您的邮箱、学校的收件办公室!请及时检查我们提供的Tracking Number ,查询您的包裹走向!包裹通常会在 2-3 天内到达。在假期期间,交货可能需要更长的时间。我们无法保证使用这种特定方法在星期六交货。请注意当您收到 Tracking Number 并不代表包裹已寄出,请以实际发货日期为准,并随时查询物流信息跟进您的包裹。 网站上显示的运输时间仅为估计值。实际交货日期可能会有所不同





如果有什么特别要求请邮件我们。Tel: 9095631388

Most of our orders are sent by USPS or GLS, please provide addresses they can deliver to, the delivery person usually drops the package at your door or your mailbox, the school's collection office! Please check the Tracking Number we provide in time to check the status of your package! Packages usually arrive within 2-3 days. During the holidays, delivery may take longer. We cannot guarantee Saturday delivery using this particular method. Please note that when you receive the Tracking Number, it does not mean that the package has been shipped. Please refer to the actual delivery date and check the tracking information at any time to follow up your package. Shipping times shown on the website are estimates only. Actual delivery date may vary
In order to avoid your package being delayed over the weekend and not being delivered to you on time. caution:
Shipping time: We ship every Monday to Wednesday. Orders from Thursdays to Sundays are packaged only and will be dispatched the following week in order to ensure the timeliness and freshness of the products as much as possible.
You agree to pay any shipping and handling charges shown at the time of purchase. We reserve the right to increase, decrease, increase or cancel shipping and handling charges from time to time, and shipping is handled by third-party couriers.
Company statement: The company is not responsible for any consequences that are not caused by the company's mistakes. Reminder: [Please] [When you] [receive the package] [freeze immediately] [please consume as soon as possible after opening]. [If you put it in the freezer, it can be stored for six months! ] Please note that it is 【Freezer】!

Special reminder: When filling in the address, please carefully confirm whether the address is correct and if the apartment number is missing, etc., to ensure that the logistics company can deliver the package smoothly. Please understand if it is refunded or reissued. If the package is returned or cannot be delivered normally due to the wrong address, the company will not refund or re-ship the order, please understand.

                 Email:      Tel: 9095631388

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