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关于退换 Return Policy

请在收货后 立即开箱检查物品是否正确,如无漏气或涨袋等产品质量问题,请立即冷冻保存。开袋以后请尽快食用。如果有涨袋,漏气等质量问题,请在收货后三个工作日内与客服联系进行处理,info@chunweius.com并请您提供涨气漏气物品的照片及订单号以便获得处理认可。你的订单发货后七日内没有收到,请立即与客服联系,以便获得协助。


All product quality problems such as packaging defects, missing delivery or other losses caused by Chunwei will be reissued or refunded.

Return/exchange policy
Please open the package immediately upon receipt to check if the items are correct. If there are no product issues such as air leakage or bag swelling, please freeze them immediately. Please consume as soon as possible after opening the bag. If there are quality problems such as bag inflation, air leakage, etc., please contact customer service within three business days after receiving the products, and please provide photos of the inflated and/or air leakage items along with order number for approval. If your order is not received within seven days after it is shipped, please contact customer service immediately for assistance.

Special reminder: When filling in the address, please carefully confirm whether the address is correct and if the apartment number is missing, etc., to ensure that the logistics company can deliver the package smoothly. Please understand if it is refunded or reissued. If the package is returned or cannot be delivered normally due to the wrong address, the company will not refund or re-ship the order, please understand.

Customer service:

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